Ether Sides is an audio/video installation inspired by contemporary society. In every place it assumes different forms, developing in progress step by step. Through soundscapes and video images, it affects various levels of human consciousness, in a personal trip through the world of perceptions.

In Florence, Ether Sides investigates the invisible side of reality, the deep essence that remains unaltered even throughout all changes. It observes primordial rhythms and invisible rules, and invites the visitors to live the time. It appeals to a state of consciousness that is not intellectual but contemplative and meditative. The video-installation follows the day of the starlings, scanned by the rhythm of the light. It plays with the very evident presence of the swarms of birds in our cities and with the reasons that move them, invisible at a first glance. The score accompanying the video combines the natural sounds with their electronic interpretation.

Concept and direction: Esteban Fernandez Escliar, Olga Pavlenko, Rafael Ugarteche, Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
Video: Olga Pavlenko, Lorenzo Ciacciavicca, Fabio Corcione, Lucio Di Cicco
Music: Horatiu Serbanescu
Sound design: Rafael Ugarteche
Voice: Aurora Loffredo
With thanks to: Lajo Mounkassa, Oliver Esseling and Ruben Vandendriessche

Producido por: Roots & Routes International